Birth Photography FAQs

What is birth photography?

I like to think of birth photography as another way to tell the story of the day your child was born. Some memories of that amazing day will always stay with you, but there are many others that will eventually fade. Birth photography gives you a chance to capture those amazing moments to treasure with your little one.

As your family grows, you’ll have pictures taken at important events. Birthdays, graduations, weddings, holidays… they’ll all be beautifully documented. So why leave a day that is so special to you and your child behind?

If I could go back in time, I would have hired a photographer to document our birth experience (yes, my husband was there, and he completely agrees with me!). There were so many things happening at once that it’s difficult for me to remember all of the details. Even a year after that amazing day my husband or my mom would tell me things I said or did that I don’t remember.

As your birth photographer, my job will be to capture every step of your labor. This means capturing your emotions and reactions, as well as how your partner and family members react in your new baby’s first hours of life. My goal is to capture these moments as quietly and unobtrusively as possible. In fact, I consider my most successful jobs the ones where no one even notices I’m there.  

Why should I hire a birth photographer?

Birth photography is one of the most amazing gifts you could ever give your children. They’ll be able to look back on the day they were born – what an amazing thing! 

But birth photography is just as much a gift for you as for your baby. Hiring a birth photographer allows everyone involved with your birth to focus their attention on you and your baby instead of peeking out from behind a camera. Your partner will be able to fully participate in the birth process, knowing that every moment is being captured (and that he will be in the photos). Your family will be emotionally and physically present with you, and everyone will be in the photos instead of behind the scenes.

There’s nothing more beautiful than the looks on your partner’s and family’s faces when they first meet your baby. When you have a photographer in the room, those faces will be captured through a professional lens. You won’t have to miss a moment: I’ll be there to capture every second.
Birth is one of the most important experiences in your family’s life. Photos will help you cherish and remember this day forever.

For even more reasons to hire a birth photographer, please watch this amazing video.

What kind of photos should I expect?

My philosophy towards birth photography is that I should be as discreet and non-intrusive as possible. I will capture your birth in a natural and simple way, and never take intrusive or private images. If at any time during labor or birth you don’t feel comfortable having me in the room, I will leave and come back when you feel it is appropriate. If you like, I can even photograph the delivery from your point of view!

When you go through the photos I’ll take of your birth experience, you’ll see all of the little moments as they happened. You’ll see the love you and your partner share as you work together through labor. You’ll see the look on your face when you hold your baby for the first time. You’ll see everything that happens after labor: daddy cutting the cord, baby being measured and weighed, and the looks on your family’s faces as they meet your new arrival. You’ll also see photos of your baby: little details like fingers and toes and their eyes as they see the world for the first time.

Birth is a breathtakingly beautiful experience. The photos you’ll receive will reflect that beauty, leaving you with warm memories of a day you’ll never forget.

When should I call you?

I will arrive only when you are in active labor (6-7cm dilated). However, I kindly request that you or your partner call or text me as soon as you are in labor (your water broke or you are experiencing regular contractions). This allows me to make child care arrangements. Many moms share my contact information with their partner or a family member so they don’t need to worry about it when the time comes. 

I’ll be by your side from active labor until two hours after birth, no matter how long it takes. I will be there to document all the firsts.

Birth is unpredictable, so I’ll be on call 24/7 from the time you are 38 weeks until two weeks after your due date. If you happen to go into labor before 38 weeks, I will make every effort to be there for you. Because I only take a limited number of births per month, there’s a great chance that I will be able to photograph your birth even if I’m not on call. 

If you go into labor before 38 weeks, the only reason I wouldn’t be able to join you is if I am already photographing another birth. If that’s the case, I work with an amazing backup photographer who will cover me. If you prefer, I can also offer you a full refund.

I am having a hospital birth. Can it be photographed?

In most cases absolutely yes! Many hospitals now allow more people than your partner to be in the room with you. 

Of course, it is always advisable to check in with your care provider (OBGYN/Midwife) and with the hospital you’re giving birth in to make sure they allow birth photographers. I think you’ll be surprised at how accommodating they can be!

Photos from C-Section births are just as beautiful as any other, and most hospitals will accommodate this type of birth photography. Again, talk to your doctor and hospital about your desire to have your birth photographed. 

If there is an emergency situation and I’m not able to photograph your delivery, I will still be there before and after. You’ll receive images from before your delivery, as well as all of the amazing images that come after a birth.

What are your packages and what will I receive?

My birth photography packages start at $1,500 + HST. 

All of my packages include 100 or more fully edited high-resolution images and a slideshow with video clips that you can share with friends and family. You’ll receive a birth announcement photo within 24 hours. The remaining images will be delivered in up to 4 weeks.

Will you publish or post my photos?

I will never, ever publish or post any images of your birth without your authorization. Birth is a very intimate experience and I make a great effort to respect your privacy before, during, and after. If you do feel comfortable with having your images featured on my website or social media page, we’ll go through each photo and only the ones you approve will be shared.

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