My Birth Story

The moment we found out I was pregnant we fell in love with our little girl. At the time we didn’t know we were having a girl – we loved the idea of having a surprise. All we wanted was a healthy, happy baby to love. 

Our love only grew stronger throughout my smooth, happy pregnancy. I loved being pregnant, loved feeling her moving inside of me, but I still couldn’t wait until the day we got to meet. I’d always dreamed of having a natural birth with a minimum of interventions and medications. After talking with my midwives and doing lots of research, my husband and I decided that a home birth would be the perfect fit for our dreams and expectations.

Our little one must have been pretty comfortable, because my due date came and went without any signs of progress. I started getting a little worried that I’d need to be induced, something we all wanted to avoid. So I started following every single piece of advice from friends, family, and my midwives. I walked all the time (I was walking my belly three times a day!), I ate the spiciest food I could find, I tried to relax, I got a massage, I tried acupuncture… it was a busy week!

The day I completed 41 weeks was also the day my mom arrived. My little one must have known that grandma was here, because contractions started that evening. I tried to get some rest, but at 1am I knew that I wouldn’t be sleeping that night. I called my doula, and we settled in for a night of talking and listening to music.

My midwife arrived at 8am. As my labor progressed, I found comfort in warm water and in the support of my husband, doula, and mother, who took pictures, kept everyone fed, and helped me through some of my toughest contractions. 

By 4pm I started pushing, and at 5:45, after 17 hours of labor, our Milly was born. She was 3.490kg, 49.5 cm, and the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. She arrived in this world to dimmed light, calm music, and all the love a room could hold. I’ll never forget the smiles and happy tears her arrival brought to everyone present.

"She was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen..."

Labor was some of the hardest work I’ve ever done, but it was so worth it! This experience was one of the most amazing in my life, and seeing Milly’s face for the first time was absolutely indescribable. We finished the day worn out but absolutely elated for what we had just gone through. 

My birth story would not have been the same without the amazing team I had on my side. I’m forever thankful for Dinah, my loving and caring doula whose gentle presence and encouraging words were an enormous blessing, and my midwives Mei and Maureen that were by my side for the whole journey. These amazing, supportive people made it possible for my child to come into the world the way she wanted to come: at her own pace and exactly when she wanted!

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